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Bio Fanatic is organic medical cannabis production facility based in Colombia. We are focused on quality and effectiveness. We control all the aspects: from seed to final product. This way we guarantee the highest production results.

Who are We

We are Colombian Corporation, a union of special humans across borders.

We have been always united under the desire to use our knowledge and professionalism in different fields on single target.

Implementing our high morals in to one modern in every sence production.

We make pure in chemistry and intention medicines from Cannabis plants.

We respect the professional knowledge, learning curve, culture, music and all that makes us better human beings.

What we Do


Development of mold and pests resistant varieties.

Modern, chemical-free grow project for CBD/CBG/THC flower and seeds.

Labratory for both solvent and solvent-free extractions.

Filnal products design, formulation and distribution.

Strategic investor relations and aliances.

How we Work

We are all about quality. We believe that medicine must be grown and produce in healthy and clean way.

This is why we control from seed to product all the way the process. The places we use have been free from agriculture for at least 7 years, with special spiritual, medical value and stunning views.

We use only natural control and forest cicles to avoid cemicals, pesticides or other agrocemicals and ensure the purest possible product.

The extraction process for our medicines involves only heat, pression and vacuum.

Regulations and Legal Policy

We produce ritch CBD low THC plants.

CBD Regulations

(Not requires any licenses)

CBD is considered legal in most countries and the sale, handling or producing of it is not under heavy specialized control of the drugs controlling institutions.

The production of CBD paste / oil is allays accompanied by some levels of THC and other materials as other beneficial cannabinoids, terpentes and oils.

As long as the THC is kept under certain limits the requirements for trade will be minimal, equal to any hygienic norm for handling or processing food supplements.

THC Regulations

(Requires licenses for drugs handling)

The world tendencies are in a favor to legalization of medical cannabis all around the world and the laws in many countries already permit the use of medical cannabis products for various conditions.

This is for the psychoactive biochemical tetrahydrocannabinol which is considered as controlled substance.

The permitted levels of THC in different countries varies bit generally levels over 0.3% are considered as drugs and are sold and handled by Pharmaceutical companies or laboratories with License in handling controlled substances.

Competitive Advantage

All natural process of growing wirh fertilization from wild bats and raw fruit compost in ecologically allocated mountain land with river spring and rain watering.
We are on the right time on the right place.


Predictable and warm all year round and finely tuned for Cannabis outdoor operations.


Colombia has supplied most of the cannabis used in USA for the last 70 years.

Production Costs

Raw estimates shows 120 times lower costs than similar operations in EU or Canada.

Laws and Institutions

The legal base of Colombia is considered the best of the world, modern and totally adequate for producing and exporting concentrates and oils from Cannabis.

Strains and Genetics

Colombia is word known for its naturally found excellent quality medical cannabis strains.

All Green Project

We will use techniques of zero chemicals policy.

Our Products and Services

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CBD / CBG / Medical fem seeds

We offer CBD/CBG/Medical fem seeds with international phitosanitary permit.

Our Seeds Catalogue

Full spectrum virgin oils

We offer Crude and rafinated/distilated medical oil for cosmerics, medicine or food industries.

Our Crude Catalogue

Final products

We make final products with unachivable for others quality.

Products Catalogue

On demand products

We make on demand products for the client.

Describe Request

Location Colombia

Colombia represents a compelling new story aligned with a number of emerging trends in the medical cannabis world. By co-sourcing cultivation and extraction (and potentially research) to Colombia, medical cannabis companies worldwide can better focus on core strategic priorities and realize long-term advantages, including lower total production costs, access to high-quality extracts at commercial scale, and the ability to keep pace with a rapidly changing competitive landscape.

Colombia’s unique combination of equatorial climate, ideal luminosity, and optimal elevation make it possibly the best place on Earth to sustainably cultivate medical cannabis. Top-ranked for its biodiversity by UNEP, Colombia is the natural home to hundreds of indigenous cannabis strains and offers abundant access to renewable resources and rainwater. The second-largest exporter of both coffee and cut flowers globally, Colombia benefits from millions of hectares in suitable lands, existing agricultural infrastructure, extensive availability of fertile lands, and a large, experienced organic farming workforce.

Beyond its operational cost-efficiency, Colombia is well-positioned to become a future geographic hub for the medical cannabis industry. Consistently ranked highly in Latin America for “Ease of Doing Business” by the World Bank, Colombia is a geo-strategic gateway connecting the Americas, with direct access to both the Atlantic and Pacific, and offers close proximity to high-potential markets such as Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Mexico. Colombia also possesses a deep pool of relevant industry talent and a thriving medical research community, anchored by Medellín, the Wall Street Journal’s “Most Innovative City in the World”, and Bogotá, “The Athens of South America” with over 115 institutions of higher education.

The Colombian government has developed a clear and thoughtful legalization framework for medical cannabis, designed to prevent bad actors, promote scientific capability, and integrate commercially with other legal markets globally. Colombia's population of 49 million overwhelmingly approves of medical cannabis (96%) and represents a significant domestic market.

Region Medellin

With its eternal spring and all year round temperature of 20-28 C, Medellin is probably the best allocation in the world for Cannabis Outdoor plantations.

  • Our bio cannabis farm is allocated in ecological region up in the mountains of Medellin.
  • As company with high standards for quality we have chosen place with clean water, air and soil.
  • The river spring is on 0.4 km uphill.
  • Plants are on altitude far up of any driving gasoline vehicle.
  • The land was free from agriculture at least 7 years.

Our system of growing uses only natural pesticides fungicides as garlic and frutalisantes from raw compost and wild bat guano.

No farming animal fesses are used due to desire to avoid antibiotics and grow hormones.

Colombia has fallen under the worlds eyes as the new big boom in the medical cannabis industry. By raw estimates grow operations in Colombia are at least 120 times cheaper than in any EU country or Canada. As the only place currently having all the laws and institutions in place to accommodate this new trade, Colombia is the perfect allocation for outsourcing the grow and raw materials production process and in the same time receiving higher in purity and quality and much lower in price oils and concentrates.

Observe our Heaven

Impressive bio diversity, strong natural balance. Hundreds of bird spices and soft temperatures all year around makes this corner of the world a flourishing heaven all year round.

Partners and Friends

We are partnering with good humans, softh nature, warm wind, gentle sun and shinig moon.
They help us to materialize our collective knowledge in to single drop of healing medicine.

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